Tobey, a brave young soul, laid there grinning from ear to ear. Even a slight movement would start a pooping frenzy from these scared, little chicks. He didn’t know what to do, but even in the moment of the unknown, Toby was ready. But I wasn’t.

Yesterday a dear friend of mine came by and really need to share her heart. She shared a lot; so much so, that I burst into uncontrollable tears. I had no words to console enough anguish to fill a storage facility, that obviously I was unaware she had been holding inside for quite sometime. Apologies couldn’t compensate for my lack of knowledge when it was needed the most. I felt like a failure…I couldn’t even put two words together to appease all this pain.

This was a very foreign moment. Seriously, I cannot remember for the life of me the last time I was at a loss for words. After she left my house, reality set in. I was dry. Dry in His word. I didn’t have fresh manna to offer her when she needed it the most.

That evening I was shockingly surprised to see my hubs eating some of my signature, LEFT OVER, chicken noodle soup..or so I thought. On the cusp of blurting out my enormous appreciation for crossing over into ‘LEFT OVER LAND ‘after all these years of marriage, he admitted that it was soup he bought earlier that evening. I was stumped. Why, does he not crave left overs like I do?  Is it my cooking? For me, left overs get better with a safe deadline I might add. And add to that all the time saved preparing a new meal, left overs are simple divine! Spices and flavors become rich as they have time to soak up the juices all around them.

But for him, left overs are not where it’s at. Bottom line, they are not the first, but the second. They are reheated meals and not fresh. No amount of convincing would have been a strong enough argument to reheat what was so artfully created the night before. I couldn’t for the life of me understand why left overs wouldn’t suffice. Then it hit me why I couldn’t speak His words that morning.

When it comes to God’s word, He desires so strongly for us to sit at his feet and soak in His presence. We deserve it and it changes us when we do. He wants us to have His first, His best, his fresh manna that will change our lives completely each and every day. You want unbelievable answers to life’s problems you can barely whisper to those that you trust the most? Then go to God. Get his fresh word, each and every day.

Don’t shelf the Lord and His word and in doing so settle for spiritual left overs. Sure you have more moments than you can relive of what the Lord has done in your life. But I am convinced that He wants to speak to your specific situation with a fresh revelation from His word. A revelation that is directly and perfectly for you. Added to that God wants us to have a timely word to share at a moments notice with whomever needs an answer to “why” it’s all coming down around them.

2 Timothy 4:2 says, “Be ready in season and out of season. Convince, rebuke, exhort, with all long suffering and teaching.” Be ready with what? The answer is His word. I wasn’t ready when my friend showed up. She needed answers and I didn’t have them. I had shelved the Lord being busy, you know how the excuses go. So when the time came for me to be ready in season, I wasn’t ready. There I said it. I WASN’T READY. So what did I give her? Left overs. But like my husband, they did not overcome her need to be filled with God’s word to solve her enormous anguish. I don’t want to be that person. I want to ready for whoever, whenever and however the Lord would choose to use me. I don’t want them to catch me thawing old food when what they really came for was fresh. I want to be ready, in season and out to give a timely word that the Lord has prompted me to share when it’s needed the most.